A TARC and sl tea​m

TARC 2015-2016

This video primarily shows two designs we tested before moving on to our most successful design, Pi'd Piper. Our Sky Reaper and Pinpoint helped us develop some new innovations that were carried into the Pi'd Piper.

Footage compiled and edited by Albert

FALl Summary(2:38)

Coming Soon

TARC 2016-2017

Flight of the Pi'd Piper: Abridged(4:20)

Video Documentation

This video shows only a few parts of the full documentary of "The Flight of the Pi'd Piper", which is located just below this video.

Footage compiled and edited by Albert

TARC 2014-2015 

Our experiences of the season so far can be found here. Most of the footage here is graciously provided by parents, whom we appreciate very much for their loving support and enthusiasm.

If you notice any obvious irregularities in spacing, it is an indication that more videos are coming. Check back in three weeks and the video may be there! Please be aware that editing takes a long time, and we have to juggle with launches and school work.

Here is a video summarizing nearly every launch we ever made during our first season as a team. We did learn a lot, and we are determined to use this experience to get us to nationals.
All of the members at this time were in their freshman year (Grade 9) of high school.