A TARC and sl tea​m

Personal Input

I have been a part of the Vertical Projectile team for both my freshman and sophomore year at Irvine High School. I take interest in subjects such as math and science at my school. I participate in multiple extracurricular activities such as art classes, volunteering, and multiple clubs on campus. As a sport, I run for the cross country team, and also take many challenging classes. To be a part of this rocketry team helps me understand the steps I want to take toward my future. I see myself exploring one of the STEM fields in the future as a line of work. I am eager to see where this rocketry team flies.

Sahil's Biography

Vertical Projectile has been a great experience, giving me the chance to enrich my knowledge about rocketry and the sciences applied to it. I have learned to utilize important qualities such as being detail oriented, possessing determination, and the ability to work in a group. Model rocketry has helped me harness innovation, for example, when we came up with the idea of using tubes as our fins, instead of standard ones. I have also learned that persistence is the key for success. Although last year was not as great as a success, this year we focused and improved in all aspects. We fixed our prior mistakes, systematically organized our work and launch process, and came up with beneficial ideas to improve our team. With the two years, I have been part of the team, I learned and understood all of these characteristics and qualities, and I have been able to apply them to our team and to the real world.