A TARC and sl tea​m

Kushagra's Biography

Hello, my name is Kushagra Pandey. I am in 11th grade at Northwood High School.  I am one of the veteran rocketeers in this team, having more than two years of experience in TARC. While I am an avid member of this rocketry team, some of my other interests include math competition, soccer, technical theater, engineering, and track and field. My favorite subjects, as you could probably conclude from my interests, include math, physics, and computer science. As I was not the “newbie” this year in TARC, I actually enjoyed looking past the grunt work involved in making a rocket and seeing the beauty of physics at work, while at the same time mentoring some of the newer members of the team. Now that we reached finals, only three words cross my mind every time I think of all the hard work we put into this: Go Vertical Projectile!

Personal Input

Having been a veteran in the field of rocket engineering, I can say without doubt that this has been one the most life changing experiences I have ever had. There is nothing like the joy of watching one’s hard work blossom in a way like this, and I have learned a lot in the two years I have been here. What brought me here was my passion for math, and coincidentally I started competing in math competitions around the same time I joined this team. While my above-average math skills may have contributed to this team, the creativity and problem solving skills I gained from rocketry have undoubtedly helped me become one of the top three hundred high school mathematicians in the nation.  I have progressed both mathematically and creatively because of this team, and these skills will last with me for the rest of my life.