A TARC and sl tea​m

Personal Input

I’ve been doing rocketry in Vertical Projectile for two years and I have gained a vast amount of knowledge from both my team members and my mentors. At first I joined just out of sheer curiosity, but as I spent more time committing to the group, I became more fascinated with the sciences of rocketry. It’s been a totally awesome experience and I’ve made plenty of friends. Both TARC and SL has taught me multiple creative ways to advance my thinking. Of course it's been tough. I've had to wake up at 5AM to make it to web conferences, drive several hours out to the high desert every weekend to fly our rockets, and dedicate whole weekends, along with my Summer and Winter breaks, to work on design and construct rockets. This whole experience has taught me not only to better manage my time and be a hard worker, but also to be a team player. I have spent many hours with my teammates and I'm glad to call them my partners-in-crime.

I am an artist with many hobbies. I love to draw/paint, play games, play/listen to music and read. This year I've painted 3 full size oil paintings, and auctioned them to help pay for our rocketry expenses. Our team raised a total of $8,500. I also designed the team logo, t-shirts, and outreach banner. I've also designed the exterior of some of our early rockets and will hopefully do more in the future to make our rockets really pop! Pop as in stand out, not blow up. Hopefully our rockets never blow up. All-in-all, I am anxious to see what new and unexpected places my team and rocketry will carry me, and I greet every challenge with the newfound wisdom that I've gained over the past two years.

Allison's Biography

Hello there, friends. It’s Allison Chen. I am a junior attending Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California. Go Sea Kings! My favorite subjects at school are psychology, math, and art. I'm also a board member of the Youth Voting Involvement Association with Albert and Brenda. I enjoy reading, drawing, music, and learning about new interesting things. As I am still unsure as to what path I would like to take, I hope to invest my time in visual arts, but if that crashes and burns, maybe the sciences can act as my safety net.